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How to Be a Great Date

Don't lose your chance at love out of sheer boredom! Here are a few ways to be sure you're putting your best face forward every time you go on a date, and make sure you come across as the best date in town. 

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating Advice| Updated February 01, 2021

Going out on dates constantly can turn into a bit of a chore, am I right? After a while, all the conversation turn into a blur, all the outfits are the same, the same places, the same kinds of people—it's like going on the same ride over and over again. But can that make you immune when you do find someone that you have a real connection with? Have you become so jaded that you become a bore yourself?

If you're just going through the motion of dating without really living in the moment, you can lose out on the experiences and lessons you could be learning. You might even turn into that awful "boring" person—you know, the one who has little patience and even less to say. For the average Arab, finding a great date can be difficult. But turning INTO that bad date isn't hard at all, unfortunately. The trick is to pull yourself out of the rut, and find out exactly what it takes to be a great date.

Ask questions and listen

Really listen to what they're saying. Take an actual interest in what it is they have a passion in, and you just may learn something new. Every person you meet has the chance to add something to your life, to add to your knowledge, and to show you a different way of looking at things. Go into every date thinking this and keeping an open mind. Most times, the worst dates can be the people who don't listen and don't care about what you have to say. Everyone wants to be heard and respected. Take the effort to show that you are that kind of person by nodding, peppering the conversation with pertinent questions, and being genuinely open to their passions.

Be a little spontaneous

Don't plan everything out in advance. There's a lot to be said for deciding on the spot what to do next, and the excitement that comes with spontaneity is really alluring. It shows that you don't need to plan out everything and that you take things in stride. Bring your date a DVD you may have been talking about, suggest that you go rock climbing after dinner, go to the supermarket and pack an unplanned picnic. Do a little something out of the ordinary, and your date will be sure to appreciate it.

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Stay away from taboo topics

No talking about future families, marriage, kids, or politics (unless you can do so civilly.) All these topics should be off-bounds for at least the first few dates. No one wants to feel pressured or interrogated on their views on a date. Keep to the basics about your lives, interests, and what you have in common.

Keep it classy

Don't ever, ever, ever badmouth a past relationship, especially on the first few dates. There's little that is as unappealing as someone who simply can't get over their pasts, and feels the need to bash other people. It shows a pettiness and propensity to nurture hurt feelings that can be very off-putting. Your date will be uncomfortable and realize that if you're still talking about this person, then maybe you're not really over this person. If they happen to ask about past relationships, say it didn't work out, but that you'd like to focus on your future now. Keep it classy, clean and breezy.

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