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How to Optimize Your ArabLounge Profile

Tips on how to make your profile stand out in a crowd.

World Singles HeartArabLounge Magazine > Dating Tips| Updated February 23, 2021

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You've got your profile all set up and ready. Picture up? Check. Bio? Check. Information on the kind of person you're looking for? Check. The profile is done, but are you truly making the most out of it? It's important to personalize your profile so that you can accurately reflect yourself on this one single page among the thousands upon thousands of similar ones on ArabLounge.

There are some cardinal rules when setting up a profile on a dating site: be honest, have a good picture of yourself up, and include interesting information about yourself and your interests. But, the list doesn't end there.

If you want to set yourself and your profile apart from the masses, here are some tips to stand out and attract the kind of people you're looking for:

1) The importance of pictures

Don't underestimate the importance of a good profile picture. Not only is it your first impression, it's the face you're giving yourself in the online world. The main picture should show your face clearly, preferably smiling. Nothing is as welcoming as a warm, genuine smile. Make sure to include a picture of just yourself for your main picture, and then in other photographs, have pictures of you with family, friends, colleagues; anything that shows what your interests are and what you like to do also make for great pictures. If you have a hobby, put a picture of that in as well. It just expands the information you're putting out there and personalizes it, which is appealing to singles who are trying to glean as much information from your page as possible.

2) Create an interesting biography about yourself

Somehow, this has become a lost art, in favor of flashier aspects of a profile, but it is truly integral to getting to know someone. Include some interesting things about where you were born, your family, your values and some funny jokes. Humor is an attractive attribute and shows your intelligence as well. Make sure to keep crude or insulting jokes to yourself, however. It can be off-putting and offensive. Self-effacement or a quirky take on current events are always the best way to go. Another important tip: Keep it sweet and simple. Who wants to read a huge block of words? Not only does it seem self absorbed, but it can give out too much information from the outset. There's something to be said about a little mystery, and sharing everything about yourself with everyone to see, may not be the best idea. You want to share certain information with only those who you might be interested in.

3) Make it clear the qualities you are looking for

If you're looking for someone from a specific country, say so. If you are looking for someone of your faith, from the same region as your family, a certain age range, etc, be honest and write this on your profile. There's a way to say what you want without being rude or insulting, but there is a fine line. A good way is to state that you're looking for someone like yourself or for a certain special someone who has these qualities... and go from there. This can help single out people who may fit the description you are looking for, as well as discourage those who may not be, saving both of you time.

4) Don't take yourself so seriously

It's important to remember that the more serious you take yourself, the less serious other people will take you. Remember that this is supposed to be a community where you should feel safe, comfortable and discreet. Be polite, firm and most importantly, have fun. Knowing what you want is important, but making sure you enjoy the process of looking for that someone is just as important.

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