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Top Honeymoon Spots for Arab Newlyweds

Top Spots for Arab Honeymooners.

World Singles HeartArabLounge Magazine| Updated February 23, 2021


The wedding is over and it's time for your new life as a couple to begin. Picking a great honeymoon spot for your first stage of married life is not really important to a lasting and loving relationship, but it can make for an incredible experience and bring you so much closer together.

Here are some of the best honeymoon spots for Arab newlyweds looking for something fun, romantic and relaxing:

1) Caribbean Islands

From the beautiful islands of Aruba, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Antigua, St. Lucia and so many more, the Caribbean islands are among the most popular destination for honeymooners around the world. Beautiful sandy beaches, all-inclusive resorts, clear, warm water and extremely hospitable staff make theses islands havens for new couples looking to get away from it all. For Arab couples, there may not be as many halal or kosher menus as they may be used to, but if you decide to stay at one of the numerous all-inclusive resorts, you can have something whipped up for the two of you almost instantly.

2) Dubai

Dubai still remains one of the most tourist-friendly and accommodating cities in the Middle East. It boasts a hug number of activities, from indoor skiing, desert safaris, private couples massages at extremely exclusive hotels, and a lot of sightseeing. Couples that come to this city can not only relax if they want to, but go to museums, sightsee the whole day, or go rock-climbing. If you can imagine it, it's likely that Dubai has it.

3) Honeymoon Cruises

Taking a cruise is one of the most affordable ways to travel, as almost all your on-board expenses are already covered and it's only the excursions which you can opt to pay for. It's also relaxing because pretty much everything is already taken care of for you. Picking a room with a balcony and going somewhere local is probably the best bet. Stuff yourselves with the amazing cruise buffets and get to know each other and your other shipmates through the various dance classes, clubs, soirées, and other get-togethers that are bound to be on the cruise.

4) Mexico

Baja, Cabo San Lucas and the rest of the Mayan Riviera are one of the most popular spots for couples retreats. Not only is the food excellent, but they have arguable the most beautiful resorts in the world. Staff service is infamous for their attention to detail and hospitality, and the beautiful beaches, local flavor, amazing food and private spas are some of the biggest draws. As one of the most popular honeymoon spots, there are numerous deals that can be found online, and if you want to save some extra money, go in the off-season and never around the time of a holiday. Also try booking either a package deal or an all-inclusive resort, as they tend to save you the most money.

5) Morocco

One of the jewels of the desert, Morocco exudes an elegance, charm and vivaciousness in its chaos and history. Staying in Marrakech is an eye-opening experience, and young couples can wander through bazaars, shop at the markets, eat at outdoor vendor stalls and chic restaurants, and soak up Morocco's history just by walking through it's fabled streets.

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