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Can Muslims Date?

Because Islam considers premarital relations haram, it can be a challenge for Muslim singles—especially those living in Western societies—to figure out where to draw the line between acceptable courtship and objectionable relationships.

ArabLounge Staff Jan 18, 2021
Muslim Women Dating

Living in Western societies as a Muslim single can create some confusion, as the norms of the country can sometimes contradict those of Islam, especially when it comes to dating, romance and sexual relations. Islam prohibits premarital relations between a man and a woman, which can make it very difficult for singles to meet someone to marry

Traditionally, it is the family of the Muslim woman or man who seek and qualify potential mates for their son, daughter, brother or sister. There is some evidence that this type of matchmaking can actually lead to more long-lasting and stable marriages, but it certainly does not conform to modern western practices, and can make young men and women feel powerless and limited in their ability to determine the direction of their life.

But here is the good news: Islam does not forbid love and friendship.

Traditional Muslim Religion Rules on Dating and Courtship

  • There is no concept of courtship in Islam.
  • Dating or "trying each other out" before committing to each other is also not something that is allowed.
  • Physical contact between a man and a woman is not allowed before marriage
  • Islam makes a clear distinction between love and romance. Love is allowed, romance before marriage is not.
  • A single man and single woman cannot be alone together.

How to Date a Muslim Girl or a Muslim Guy

Given the rules of Muslim dating, how do muslims date? The answer is simple: online meeting sites. By joining a Muslim online matchmaking site, such as ArabLounge, SalaamLove or IslamicMarriage, single Muslims can meet for marriage without violating Muslim dating rules.

Online matchmaking sites are a halal way for men to meet Muslim girls and vice-versa, without breaking the rules of Islam.

Online matchmaking sites are a halal way for men to meet Muslim girls and vice-versa, without breaking the rules of Islam. Eligible Muslim bachelors are able to view the profiles of women to find the ones that have common interests and aspirations, before engaging in any kind of communication.

Communication happens online, which prevents any type of prohibited contact, and allows both parties to learn about the other person, before ever meeting in real life. Even if marriage ends up not being in the cards, friendships and networking opportunities can develop.

Do Online Muslim Matchmaking Apps Really Work?

Yes! In fact, millions of Muslims have already joined matchmaking apps to find their soulmate for marriage. World Singles Networks specializes in helping like-minded men and women find their match in way that abide by their religious beliefs, safely and honorably. Try for yourself today.

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