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Top 10 Questions To Ask On A First Date

You probably know that religion and politics are off the table when it comes to conversation topics for a date. So, what can you talk about to avoid those awkward silences?

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating | Updated February 05, 2021

The thought of a first date can be daunting and exciting at the same time. It's fun to think about all of the possibilities that can come from this date, but scary as you wonder about things to talk about on a first date. You know the first impression can mean everything in the beginning of a relationship. You probably know that religion and politics are off the table when it comes to conversation topics for a date. So, what can you talk about to avoid those awkward silences? Don't worry, we have all you need to know about your first date conversation and questions to ask.

Who do you consider the most special people in your life?

You can really get to know someone when you ask about their loved ones. If they don't have anyone close to them, this could also be a red flag. They may open up to you about their siblings, parents, and friends. Watch as their eyes light up talking about certain people. You'll find out a lot about their character this way. You'll see how the people they love have impacted who they are today.

Do you have any secret talents?

People love to talk about the things they're good at. Give them the opportunity to brag on themselves. This will also give you insight into their personality to see what they like to do in their free time. Their secret talent may be something funny or different. They may be an artist or a singer, yet no one else really knows this about them.

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What's on your bucket list?

A fun first date conversation starter is asking your date about their bucket list. This might make them have to really dive in to think a little before answering. The bucket list is important because these are the things you would love to do in life, yet you haven't gotten to do yet. You can even ask what is holding them back from doing these things. This lets you get in their head to see the things they dream about in their life. If they want to go skydiving, you see they have an adventurous spirit. If they want to travel to Europe, you see they have an interest in other cultures.

What are you most proud of in your life?

This is another deep question, yet it's interesting to hear the answers. They may be proud of their family, their career, or some random accomplishment. They may run triathlons or have published works of art. Ask them who they call first when they reach a goal they're proud of. This will help you figure out the things they value in life. You'll get a glimpse into their work ethic, and what matters to their heart.

What makes you different?

This sounds like a job interview question, but you're basically interviewing them to be your partner so it fits. This question helps you connect to someone because it gives them the reigns to tell you all about themselves. They can tell you all about the things they love to do. They can explain why they are different than every other potential partner out there. There might be some really unique things about them hidden right under the surface. Remember, everyone has a story to tell. Put it in their hands to tell you their story.

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What were you like as a kid?

Dialing back time will either show a spark in their eye or make them smirk. Were they a total nerd? Where they a jock? Did they love to play outdoors or did they stay inside playing video games? A person's childhood often highlights the person they are today. They may have come from a difficult place but made their own place in the world. They may have been pampered their whole life. This could also lead to other fun topics like their favorite toys as a kid. You can get nostalgic for a little bit talking about old cartoons and characters.

Can you tell me some random facts about yourself?

Before you even get to your first date, there are some great questions to ask online dating. You can ask them about random, fun facts before you meet so once you're sitting across from each other you have something to talk about right off the bat. Random facts are things they want ot know off the top of their head. It could be something from childhood, something weird they love to do, or a wild experience they've had in life.

What's your idea of a perfect day?

When you're trying to figure out what to talk about on a first date, perfect days are a perfect topic. This helps take the pressure off of your date as they escape into their imagination. Let them imagine their own perfect day for you. You get to see the way they smile and talk about the things that make them happy. Maybe one day you will even get to make this perfect day happen for them.

What are your pet peeves?

Pet peeves go well with online dating questions. It's easy and surface-level to answer. They may tell you little things that grate on their nerves. These things may make you laugh a little bit. Some of them may seem outlandish, but it shows what little things matter to the person. This gives you insight into what makes this person go a little crazy. You can be honest about things that really bother you.

What is the worst date you've been on?

If you've been online dating for a while, you know there are some crazy people out there. Some stories will make you bury your head in the sand. Give your date the ground to tell their funny stories. This will also give you a little excitement because you're showing this person that hopefully you won't land in one of these stories. You may both have a lot of crazy stories to tell about dating.

These first date conversation ideas will help get the ball rolling when you're nervous sitting across from your date. If you need a way to break the ice, these first date questions will help you feel more comfortable. You'll get to see the type of connection you can form with this person. The most important thing is to have fun and listen with your heart. These questions could lead to a new chapter in your life.

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