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Online Dating Etiquette in 2021

Online dating is the preferred way for singles to meet. Here are some things to keep in mind.

ArabLounge Staff Dec 18, 2020

The rules of online dating are constantly evolving but some common sense rules have remained timeless with the passing of time. Whether we are referring to Arab dating app etiquette or a dating site etiquette, the online dating protocol might differ slightly according to the medium of communication but most common guidelines apply throughout all online dating platforms.

World Singles Networks, the leading provider of elite online dating sites for singles worldwide suggests the following tips for online dating:

Take the time to read through the profile description.

Singles allocate a great deal of effort to fill out a detailed description of themselves, their preferences, hobbies and lifestyles. They also expect possible matches to have read through their information before reaching out. Making sure you do your part in finding out more about someone from their profile shows interest and it also provides a lot of ice breaker tips for starting a conversation.

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Have a natural approach.

When reaching out to someone you like online be as casual and as natural as you would be in person. Let your personality and usual demeanor shine through the messages you send and do not overthink what you want to say.

Be mindful of the other person's reactions.

If someone you write to takes a while to reply, does not reply at all or misinterprets your initial message make sure you do not take it personally. Everyone is different and has the right to their own way of responding.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Words are powerful and what you convey to others can have an impact on them for a long time. If you like someone online pay them a compliment, it might just make their day!

Be patient.

Some people take a while to open up especially online so at first they might not go beyond small talk and might not share a lot of personal details. Do not expect everyone to open up quickly – this might go against their grain as far as their personality or even their culture.

Be honest.

Be honest about yourself, your history, what you do for a living and share recent photos of yourself on your profile. It is better to risk a rejection right away than pretend you are someone else. ArabLounge members have expressed they value recent photos and accurate profile information the most when they first meet someone online.

Personalize your messages.

Do not have a one size fits all approach when you are reaching out to other singles. By taking the time to first get to know more about them from their profile you can write insightful messages instead of generic ones. Arab singles will appreciate the thought you put into writing these.

Be responsive.

Activate your dating app or dating site notifications to make sure you do not miss any important messages and try to reply to them as soon as you can.

Wait before sharing your personal contact details.

Dating sites provide a safe and private environment for communicate and before you give someone access to your personal information you should make sure they are reliable. Until you feel completely comfortable use the the app or site and do not feel pressured – this is your right to privacy.

Meet in public for the first time.

If deciding to take things further and meet in person after first chatting online pick a public place for the first date. This online dating rule has been around for a while and still holds its value. When to meet it’s up to you but picking a public place is a must.

Online dating can be fun and also safe if you follow these guidelines. Try to stick to these best practices to get the best results from your online dating experience.

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